Headaches, back pain, PMS, depression–these are just some of the ailments that can interrupt the flow of our daily routine and take us away from the things we would rather be doing.  They may be short term or chronic, but regardless of their duration, they negatively impact the sense of well-being we all strive for. Though each individual’s route to finding relief varies, what matters is that we find something and someone to work with us in a way that puts us at ease.

Wellness isn’t defined by the practitioner; it is defined by each individual patient and what their personal baseline is.  Balancing health and the kind of life a person wishes to lead can be less than straightforward.  Sometimes the things we need to do and what we want conflict with each other, and that’s ok.  A key part of finding what constitutes health for the individual is furthering self-knowledge.  I aspire to provide support for each patient and their goals and to work with them to create a thomas-hafeneth-244903treatment plan that works for them without judgement.  It is important to me that the treatment room feels like safe and comfortable space, and I value any feedback patients wish to give me.

Complementary medicine seeks to do just that–complement the care that you receive from your doctor or other healthcare provider.  Acupuncture is a way of restoring the body’s natural balance through its own inner resources.  Chinese herbal medicine uses plants and other organic materials to treat a wide variety conditions.   I love having both of these modalities at my disposal to find the treatment that works best for a patient.

Whether you are new to acupuncture and Chinese medicine or have already benefited from it, I’m here to help with whatever ails you.  From chronic conditions to acute pain and anxiety, I want to find something that works for your specific concern.