Perinatal Anxiety


joey-thompson-63368Recently, Seattle’s Program for Early Parenting Support (PEPS) included an article in it’s newsletter about perinatal anxiety.  I was heartened to see this problem addressed.  When I was pregnant, I was the only one in my prenatal group at Swedish Hospital Ballard who admitted that I was struggling with anxiety.  Since then, I’ve dug a little deeper.  Back in 2015, the Guardian published an article that reported anywhere from 20 to 13% of women experience perinatal mental illness and anxiety, and that only an estimated half of these cases are identified.

Pregnancy can feel an incredibly vulnerable.  It is vital that women seek support at this time, not only from their partners and friends, but also from their healthcare team.   Getting a treatment that works for you can transform your experience of pregnancy from one of discomfort and anxiety to something more manageable.

Acupuncture is a safe and effective modality to add to your prenatal support regiment.  Practitioners are trained to work with each individual’s pattern to find a treatment what works best for them.  Though acupuncture is not a replacement for therapy or medication, it can help your body regain its balance.