Shine on, sister

I’m not normally a super happy happy type of person.  I prefer sticking to the facts, of planning for the worst while hoping for the best, and greeting new achievements by pondering what I need to do next.  You won’t find inspirational quotes on my walls, and I often forget that it’s nice to have a personal affirmation on hand for difficult moments.  But at this moment, I just want to say that you’re awesome.

Yes, you.  Sitting there looking at this screen right now.  I appreciate you.  The work you do for your job, the chores you do at home, the love you have for your family and friends, the ways you bring light to the world and people around you with your own particular personality and character.  Yeah, you’re pretty cool.

You might be saying: you don’t mean this.  I mean, we’re not talking in person, and you don’t know what I did today.  Maybe I sat on my butt all day long watching you tube videos of people hurting themselves and leaving nasty anonymous comments online.  Well, if that was your day, good for you.  The id is an important part of our psyche, and you’re channeling it for the rest of us.

But, chances are, you’re out there in the world doing the thing you do most weekdays and having whatever kind of day you’re having right.  If you’re day is kinda crappy, I’m sorry.  That sucks.  Period.  Do something nice for yourself.  Order in dinner, watch a movie, go get a drink with someone you like, take some time to do something creative if that’s your bag.  The dishes can wait, and whatever else you need to do can be done tomorrow.  You’re still a rock star, even if the band is Poison.  They were pretty killer if you think about it.


I mean, look at that hair!  The neutral but shiny colored lipstick!  If you can strut your stuff looking like that, you’re amazing.

But seriously.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, deserves some unconditional positive regard in their lives.  Everyone, absolutely everyone, deserves compassion and loving kindness.  Even those dudes.  And if you need a fix of that right now, I’ve got your back.

Shine on, sisters and brothers, shine on.