Something I’m trying to live:

You are never too busy to go for a walk.  You may be too sick or injured, but even on the busiest day, there is time for a walk.  

It’s so easy to make excuses.  After a long day, or a poor nights sleep, the last thing that you might want to do is push yourself to go outside and walk.  Maybe it’s rainy or cold outside.  Why make yourself do it?  

The health benefits of walking are well-documented.  Not only is it a gentle yet effective form of cardiovascular exercise, it’s also a wonderful way to release stress and process whatever is going on in life at the moment.  Even though it’s recommended that we have 15-20 minutes of an elevated heart rate a day to maintain health, on a busy or tiring day, a walk around the block might help keep the habit alive.   A short walk is is also perfect for those who are suffering from health problems, and can help improve circulation.  

Explore your neighborhood to find a good route.  If you live surrounded by busy streets or in an unsafe area, find a place a short drive away that feels good to be.  Simply not knowing where to go can be an impediment, and keep people from establishing a walking habit.  In the end, both exploring new territory and tracing a regular path can have their upsides.  Walking connects us more intimately with our surroundings and can help us feel more of an established sense of place in our community. 

Walking is the most accessible and adaptable form exercise.  You don’t need any fancy equipment, a refined technique, or expensive clothing.  You don’t even need to be in shape.  All it is is you, the ground beneath your feet, and fresh air around you, going at whatever pace feels good for however long you like.       

The thing is when you come right down to it, whatever the reason, you’ll never regret a walk.