Adding knowledge

I’m not a person who has ever been completely comfortable being a member of a group with a strong self-identity.  Maybe to some that sounds like an odd statement, but perhaps as a product of being raised both biracial and liberal, there’s a strong part of me that shies away from aligning myself with one group over another.  This may be an odd preface on a professional blog post, but it’s a chief motivating factor of the following.

I have currently decided to start school again to see if I can get into medical school.  I do this because as a practitioner, I want to know more about the human body so that I can be a better healthcare provider.  I love the way Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the body, and think that it’s incredibly valuable and effective.  I also feel the same way about modern medicine.  Both are valuable tools that I wish to have at my disposal each time I see a patient.  There is an inclination to put a value judgement on one over the other, especially if you’re a practitioner, but I reject that.  The advances modern medicine has made would appear to work like magic to our ancestors and has vastly improved the quality of our lives compared to theirs, but to dismiss the effective ways that they had to deal with the body is foolhardy.

What this means is that I will be studying chemistry and physics over the course of the next couple years to finish my medical school pre-requisites, and to prepare for the MCAT.  I currently practice Sundays at the Pin Cushion Clinic on Capitol Hill here in Seattle, WA.  My goal is the same now as it will be however this endeavor turns out–to offer thoughtful, effective and and useful healthcare that improves the quality of peoples lives.