My Approach

When we think of the terms “health” and “wellness”, they often become terms of aspiration instead of adjustment.  Instead of starting with where we are at present, it’s easy to think of all the things we should be doing.  Acupuncture is about helping the body right itself, and restoring its natural balance over time.  As an acupuncturist, I believe it is important to start where we are, appreciating what we have in addition to examining what needs mending.

It’s my goal in practicing complementary medicine to take time with my patients to truly understand what is going on individually.  In every person, there are parts that are functioning well along with the parts that need assistance.  Together, we will assess what these are and develop a treatment plan that fits realistically within each patient’s life and lifestyle.

It is my wish as a practitioner to create a safe space for those who come to see me.  I value open communication and feedback as a way to build trust between patient and practitioner.  I understand that we each must earn the right to be a safe space for one another, and I believe that as a healthcare practitioner, it is important for me to hold that as much as possible.

My training at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine included a wide range of approaches to acupuncture, herbalism, and body work.  Learning a variety of different modalities allows me to address each patient’s unique needs in regards to sensitivity and the nature of their complaint.   From the painless, shallow needling techniques of Japanese-style acupuncture for patients with needle sensitivities to deeper, more intensive needling for patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain, I tailor each treatment to best suit the patient and the problem.